Wednesday, February 06, 2008

definitely a first

Well I am at home enjoying yet another snow day. We are currently getting three inches of snow an hour with a cumulative total around almost two feet. It is very pretty to watch, not so pretty to drive in. Thankfully I am home bound the rest of the day after just picking up Grady from pre-school. After a visit to the doctor yesterday Grady got a prescription for a higher dose of antibiotic to try and get rid of his persistent ear infection. One of the side effects on the warning label was "red stools". I thought, Ok red stools, how bad can it be? Well today I got to experience the previously mentioned side effect. Never before have I seen crayon red come from the bottom of a child. I am sure this may be too much information for some but seriously, it was the color of a red magic marker! On a happier note, he is feeling better and is back to his happy and spunky self. He has been occupying his time between the cats and the dog. I love this picture....what cat would roll around with a two year old in the bath tub? Guess this is a bit of insight as to how loopy my cats are!


jes said...

glad he is feeling better and is getting back to normal. enjoy the snow.

JCR said...

Red stools????? That sounds absolutely terrible. Thank goodness you had some warning. Glad he's feeling better!