Sunday, February 24, 2008

because it is 4:00 on a sunday afternoon

What better time to start a kitchen project then at 4:00 PM on a lazy Sunday afternoon? The actual thoughts running through MY mind at this time are worded quite differently but I will try my best to keep this PG. John got one of his brilliant brainstorms to redo the backsplash behind the sink. Since he decided we aren't moving he has decided that there are a lot of things he would like to change about our house. Notice all the "he" in that last sentence? Enough said.

I was instructed to pull of the border. I had wanted to go to yoga.... yeah, that didn't happen. I will now mention that I loathe taking off wallpaper. It is so tedious, not to mention very messy. It also would have been a lot easier if it was done during Grady's nap time but again, I was not in charge of THE project. I was also not in the mood for any sort of project by that time of day. Drake on the other hand was more then willing to jump in and help. You can see in the picture below that my husband was allowing him to use a razor blade to open the tiles and cut them apart. This is a perfect example of the brain damage caused by chemical abuse during his youth!

Thankfully Drake finished the project with the same amount of appendages that he started with. John decided to hold off on grouting till he had more time. This translates to: I will have this unfinished project glaring at me everyday until I harp enough and he decides to finish it. And with his track record, he will probably pick another lazy Sunday afternoon!


Christie said...

Pretty sure your new backsplah is the same tile as in one of our bathrooms... too funny!

Anonymous said...

Glad the home remodeling project went so well. Gotta love the impulsivity of your husband. I can just imagine your reaction when he decided it was time to start the project!

Anonymous said...

By the way, that last "Anonymous" comment was posted by me (in case you were wondering). I truly had no intention of concealing my identity - must have accidently hit the wrong button. Darn these man hands!

Jes said...

He does sound a little like me. when the mood hits to do a project you gotta go with it. I do totally understand your point. If he wants to do it than you should be at yoga. It looks good so far :)

JCR said...

Heff does that to me, too. But usually it's 9 at night when he wants to hang pictures or clean the basement. But the back splash looks so nice! You'll have to post more pics when the grout is done.