Friday, February 15, 2008

how many irish men does it take...

.... to put in a new faucet? And no I am not about to tell a bad ethnic joke. This is what John and my Dad decided to do on a wild and crazy Friday night in blistery cold Wisconsin. Luckily the job did get done in one evening, with little swearing AND even better, the faucet works! Of course there were beverages to mark this momentous occasion. What kind of Irish folk do you think we are?!

Is the answer two Irish men?

Could it be three Irish men?

Final answer?? Three, three Irish men and a dog. Moo ah ha ha.

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Jes said...

What is Barley doing inside? I would have thought this deathly cold would be right up his Alaskan alley? Glad to see the faucet is fixed and working. thanks for the tag too by the way :)