Tuesday, February 12, 2008

another baby

No, no. Not for me!!! My BFF finally had her baby. Yeah! She was cursed, oops, I mean blessed with a little girl. I say this in jest because we have both said that we really wouldn't know what to do with a girl. We prefer the rough and tumble boy types. They fall, you brush them off and they take off running again. Heck, you may even throw a ball at them, and I mean this literally! She is of the "anti-Barbie" brigade and has already begun to fear that which has been called "puberty". Throw Grady into the mix and the scene gets real ugly real fast. I can hear the shot gun now.... On a different yet similar note, I do enjoy looking at baby girl's clothes and all that they entail. But I have found myself stumped as to what to purchase for my new niece. I did notice a lot of browns in the stores so that may be a safe bet. Right now I am leaning towards the onesie above. This site also had a cute little cherry ensemble that looks just like one of her tattoos. I am sure she will find that very amusing!! Sinced I am not going to visit till March I have some time to peruse all that is girl. I am also open to any ideas you may have :)

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Josh and Josie Dyck said...

Hey - you've been tagged - check out my blog to find out what's up! Josie