Saturday, May 03, 2008

two times the lovin

Well some cool divas are entering the world of twos - and not soon enough according to some of them! The idea is to share your knowledge about the joys, and I mean JOYS, of having two - or three or four for that matter. You can check out the all legal schmegal HERE!

I do find it strangely ironic that I am going to spew advice to these kind ladies because most of the time, well, I have no idea of what I am doing - except going insane. I mean, recently there was the whole penis thing or the constant bickering over light sabers and match box cars. But then there are the fun times like playing rock-em sock-em robots and watching the older one teach the younger one how to hit a baseball. These are the moment I relish and try to draw upon when they are fighting over who gets to shut the garage door or eat the last Gogurt.

Going from one to two has also made me realize things about me that aren't pretty. Like my EXTREME lack of patience to whining, screaming and crying - of my own children. Wow! Where did that come from?? Not to toot my own horn - toot toot - but at work I have loads (butt loads to be exact) of patience. I have worked with handicapped and delayed children forever. I help them work through things that are difficult and challenging. I encourage them when they are crying and can tolerate their tears. I can even listen to their whining without batting an eye. BUT when it comes to my two - tolerance is absent most day, heck every day for that matter. So I guess this is where I would interject my world renowned advice - remember all the good and blog about all the bad - it makes for good material and helps the rest of us feel better!!


motherbumper said...

You know I have tons of patience out side of the home too (toot toot - crack me up) - but I really have to step back and take that extra moment when dealing with my own peeps.

Great advice - I'm gonna remember the good and hell yes, I'll blog the bad if it makes one person feel better ;)

Mrs. Chicken said...

Thank god I have a blog this time around. I can only IMAGINE what I would have written the first time!


Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Away from my kid I am patience personified. At home, it's a completely different ballgame.

Thanks for the advice!

Her Bad Mother said...

Blogging the bad? Oh, you so know that I will be ALL OVER THAT. ;)

Thanks for this, lady!