Saturday, December 08, 2007

rock em, sock em boys

I know I can honestly say that these boys do not lack in imagination. Somehow their two brains combined decided it would be a great idea to place the demolished boxes from the "jump-a-thon" on their heads and run at each other at full speed. When I heard the first rather large crashing sound I came a running! This is what I found at the crime scene: Both boys were flat on their backs with their arms and legs flailing with peals of laughter emanating from inside the boxes. They reminded me of tortoises stuck on their backs, kind of sad looking yet somewhat amusing to just stand there and watch. Thinking they had had their fill I walked back into the kitchen to tackle the mail and ultimately dinner. As soon as I stepped into the kitchen I could here the pattering of running feet and another large crash.
Guess once was not enough! I threw out the proverbial warning that it was all fun and games until someone got hurt, and as you can imagine, it was met with def ears. Ironically they continued this game for quite some time till they decided it would be even MORE fun to chase each other around the house with the boxes on their heads. With the forecast of bloodshed in the future, I quickly ended the box chasing. The boxes then took the form of monster trucks that they would slide across the floor and bash into each other. Sigh….. what has happened to all the nice and quiet activities of days past? Good thing my trusty friend merlot was on hand to lend a shoulder to lean on!!

As a side note: You can't see it but Drake has on his favorite holiday shirt "Jingle Bells... All girls smell" Sniff, sniff. He makes me so proud.


Kristin said...

you say all of this with joy in your heart. i think i would have lost my patience.

irishkat said...

Don't be was the Merlot talking!