Sunday, December 02, 2007

jumpin' jellybeans!!

Well, I have been considering Grocer’s, from Famous For All Kinds of Wickedness, idea of providing something safer for Grady to jump from instead of his cozy coupe. After a quick jaunt to the local Target for some much needed diapers and wipes, Grady decided to make and build his own fun. He carefully aligned the boxes to make a runway of sorts. He then proceeded to jump up and across them like a bunny with the finally of a large jump back to the floor. This lasted for almost an hour, with the older brother quickly joining in on the fun. It always amazes me the creativity of young children and what they will turn into a toy. But all good things soon come to an end. After

discovering the fun of jumping from the boxes, Grady got another grand idea…. stack all the boxes on top of one another, climb them and then jump! He obviously does not have my fear of heights! I had to step in when he tried to go head first down the tower (what was he thinking!?) Sadly, I know what he was thinking; he was trying to do a summersault. After a brief discussion about the importance of safety and the ramifications that brain damage could inflict on the rest of his life, he opted back to jumping from box to box. I suppose I should be happy that at least for that moment of time he was entertained and not screaming or badgering me. But I know that that is right around the corner!


The Grocer said...

That saying about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks is obviously not true in your case. Oh, sorry I didn't mean to (rapidly retreating), anyway good to see them having fun.
Thanks for the link.

Kristin said...

I can't see your photos today. my kids just invested in the Super Skipper and seem to spend a good hour trying to jump 30 times without falling.

irishkat said...

grocer - No worries!! It is all in jest :) Though he was atop the side table last night.... sigh. I guess I can teach him new tricks but he still prefers the old ones!