Sunday, December 09, 2007

oh christmas tree

We finally got around to putting up our tree. I had been majorly procrastinating due to a certain 2 1/2 tear old and his love for that which is not his. We decided, as you can probably see in the photo, to not decorate the bottom of the tree. We also put it up during Grady's nap to optimize our decorating time. It worked well with the exception of Drake's visual spatial difficulties and my OCD tendencies. He likes to clump his ornaments together while I have a neurotic compulsion to rearrange after everyone else puts the ornaments where I don't want them. I tried to keep myself in check, as Drake is now old enough to realize I am moving every ornament he or his father puts on the tree. After a plethora of Christmases John has finally realized it is not even worth his effort to try since I will ultimately rearrange, even when he is not looking. I still struggle when I look at the tree and it is not the way I want it but then I remind myself that this holiday is not about me, Humph! Grady woke up from his nap and squealed with delight when he saw the tree. He then proceeded to kiss all the ornaments that were in reach; I obviously miscalculated how tall he was. When he saw Drake's Bob the Builder ornament he had a coronary, as he could not believe that "Bob" was on HIS tree. Guess it is the little things that delight wee ones. On a side not, I have yet to put up the stockings after last years almost brain trauma when Grady pulled on the stocking and was almost nailed in the head with the heavy cooper holder. Hey, I still have two more weeks!!

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JCR said...

I'm glad the OCD tree thing is not just me. Heff doesn't bother helping me anymore, and I only had to move a few of Tato's. Our stockings are still in the basement! I have nightmares about those heavy stocking holders falling on Tato's head!! So I'm not putting them out until Christmas Eve, AFTER everyone goes to bed. :)