Monday, May 05, 2008

and the chickens say cluck

As many of you are well aware, Grady had his adenoids removed and tubes put in last week. Well, Mother Nature decided to kick a kid while he was down and then point and laugh.... bitch. Why the anger you ask? Because Friday Grady was diagnosed with Hand Foot Mouth Disease. So along with having a sore throat from the adenoids and pain in his ears from the tubes, he was now erupting in blisters on his hands, face and bottom. He was OH so pretty to say the least and just a bundle of happiness and joy. I was begging my husband to ram pencils in my ears so the whining would stop. PLEASE make it stop!! Then to top it off, the older one, we think, also got a form of it. He had the fever and said his mouth and throat hurt but nothing else. It was so fun at our house.....barf.

Because everyone was napping on Saturday I took the opportunity and began the process of cleaning out the basement. As I was I found a hug box of old children's books. Knowing that my neighbor was collecting them for a charity I called and offered to drop them off instead of selling them in my garage sale. Well, trying to be "a nice" person bit me in the arse. We partook in the common small talk and she asked how the boys were. I told her about Grady's surgery and that he also had HFM, not thinking much about it. Silly, silly me! I should remember that my neighborhood is like a bad replay of high school. We have cliques, back stabbing, the works! And of course, with me being as (different, non-conformist, punk, not barbie) as I am, I keep to myself and try to stay away from all that is high school. Obviously my comment about Grady having HFM sent the chickens a clucking. The phone lines were burning and the whispers were going. A few of the mothers had their kids scope Drake out at school to see if he was "infected". One had the audacity to call here and harass hubby saying their child saw Drake with a rash all over his face. Hmmm, NO. His face is just as pasty irish white as it always is - sorry Barbie! She then had the all out nerve to go HERE! Oh yeah, she did. She went on to imply that by sending Drake to school we were risking the lives of others but this was all I heard - cluck cluck cluck. The chickens in the hen house were quite worked up - I could see them running around clucking from one person to another. "Can you believe her??" ""Oh I know. SHE would do that. She does have tattoos you know..." "And those piercings!" Yep, I am sure that is about how it all went down. And to that I give my big one finger standing. Good thing it is Cinco de Mayo and hubby had the Modelo's chilled to perfection. Arrrreba!!


Jes said...

Sounds like you live in my neighborhood. Good thing mother hen got to talk to hubby instead of you for she would have gotten a few words I'm sure. Sorry to hear about the boys, hope you are all better soon.

JCR said...

Oh wow, sounds terrible. Hope Grady is better. And what is wrong with those women??? Sounds you were able to brush them off. Good for you! I would have just been in tears all night.

vikki said...

Hand Foot and Mouth is definitely adding insult to injury. Very unfair!