Saturday, March 15, 2008

self-portrait truthiness at its best

Well I was originally wooed by the idea of a Friday Flashback post when I read about it on 'Mamalogues' and 'Her Bad Mother'. Their first choice was "A song by... that changed you". I pondered it for quite some time and eventually decided against it. All my stories were risqué and things I am just not ready to share with the blog world or truth be told, have my children read someday - yikes!! This week they chose the 'self-portrait of truthiness'. I fell in love with the title and am always one to take a dare. The idea is to post a picture of you first thing in the morning - no make-up, no prep work, NO coffee. Now I was perusing the photos and I highly question many of them, either that or I am one of the scariest morning people alive. Most of these women have nice combed hair, fresh looking faces, heck, some even have smiles. I NEVER look like these women in the morning. My hair looks like the stomping ground for a family of ferrets, three blind mice and a large wild boar. Now I will admit there is not much difference when it is clean and "done" due to the amount of curl and product that goes into the coiffure, but it does look a bit more tame. Because of this I am going against the rules and posting a pre and post picture just to prove that I am not a deranged lunatic in real life and to show you that objects are not as scary as they appear!

Oh yes, this is 5 am at its finest! I am even scared when I look at this picture. Guess if my husband can roll over, see this and not run for the hills he must be a keeper!

So here I am with my hairstyle of the moment. No makeup but my hair is somewhat decent.

Ok, this is a flashback to three years ago. I am glammed up and looking quite cute I must say. This is pre-Grady so the bags under my eyes are not as defined as they are now. I also have a lot less, shall we call them laugh lines?

And then there is the long haired version of me. I loved it this length but simply for the reason that I never wore it down - it was always pulled back. I could throw on a hat or throw it in a pony and go. I like my short hair but it does take more time and effort.

Be sure to check out these other brave women as well:

As a side note - I can't do the fancy little "do dad" to link you to other blogs on my apple lap top. I have tried and tried with no success so take the web address as they are. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

So now I post the same dare to you - show the world the real you first thing in the morning. Be sure to link it back to me and the others involved and we can fill the blog world with an overabundance of beauty.


Christie said...

Although I enjoyed your pics, I don't think I am as brave as you are...

Dana said...

You have the cutest hair. And we both have the same bedhead! (I pulled mine back. I'm not so brave.)

Jes said...

I love the deep red color! I would have to say I'm not so sure there is a big difference between my before and after photo. I guess I will have to take a picture and find out.

JCR said...

Wow, you are so brave. I don't think I could do that! Maybe I'll get my sister to do it with me this weekend when we do our "half and half" makeup faces.

P.S. I agree, you do have the cutest hair!

vikki said...

You look great!

cautious1 said...

Love the early morning pic! There is no way that I would be puttin' my early mornin' mug shot all over the blogging community. I give you credit!