Saturday, March 01, 2008

angels & airwaves

The concert rocked!! Tom always puts on such an amazing show. Oh how I love him! And I am happy to say that my "abilities" as I will call them, got John and I a seat in one of the VIP boxes. Even better - this box was dead center in front of the stage. We could not have asked for a better view. When the older gentleman extended the invitation for me to join them in their box he then added, "Your friend can come too". That comment made my night! I replied, "Thanks! He's my husband". John and the guy hit it off and briefly chatted throughout. I was loving life and of course, loving Tom. I was also overly thankful we were not below with all the others in the pit. Body surfers were flying left and right and several times a mosh pit broke out. My tolerance for a mosh pit has dwindled with age and after my museum escapade last week with some local high schoolers, I thought it was best if I refrained. Most of the people in the box had never heard of A&A before - hello?!? Why are you going to spend all that money for tickets for a band you don't know? I never got the nerve to ask how or why they got their tickets. Nor did I refrain from singing and dancing my heart out. We later found out that one of the other guys in the box was the owner of a new club in Milwaukee. He extended an invite for us to come to his bar after the show. Sure! The club was really nice and played great music. I loved the diversity of the people that were there and the fact that there were no teeny bopper college kids there to make me feel old and past my prime. Plus they had phenomenal drinks though John complained his was very weak. Can't cheap an Irishman on his liquor! I am however, feeling the repercussions of last night today. Staying out till the wee hours with wee ones at home typically does not mix, as is true today. But I have already begun the nap mantra and have enjoyed two cups of strong coffee. Side notes - we did have a different babysitter so when we came home all was happy and CLEAN. And I took great care to stay hydrated and fed all day yesterday and did not partake in any beverages during the show. Suffice to say I was able to enjoy the whole show! Now I just have to patiently wait for them to come back into town. Maybe they will visit for Summerfest??

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Jes said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time. Way to go on the VIP room too!