Thursday, March 13, 2008

for the love of pete, please stop reproducing

While driving to work this morning I was listening to one of the local radio stations because I couldn't find my ipod adapter (sad I know). The two deejays were discussing Easter. The female, who is Jewish, was commenting how she couldn't believe how early Easter was this year. The male said "What are you talking about? You're Jewish and Easter is always in April." This sparked a huge discussion on Easter and eventually led to the female betting the male a burrito that Easter was in two weeks. She googled it and alas, proved him wrong. He was vastly confused and stated that he thought Easter was always the first Sunday in April. Why did they change it this year? All the while I am sitting in my car thinking about how stupid these people are and that they are actually getting paid money to project their stupidity to the masses. To make matters worse they then open up the phone lines to the general public about this topic. The responses left me speechless and very afraid. One lady was insistent that President Bush changed Easter this year. "It is one of the presidents duties" she stated. She knew that because someone told her. I wonder what else she would believe?? Another lady said it was the way the stars and the moon align.....oh nelly! We have been dipping into the sauce a wee bit early haven't we? Where have all the Christians gone??? Easter does not revolve around the President, a certain Sunday or the solar alignments (ok, well, sort of but not the way she was talking). Heck, even the Jewish deejay knew that!! Where are these people coming from and why are they reproducing? Where is natural selection? I bet this is why some animals eat their young. Easter is and always will be a moveable holiday based on the full moon. Am I wrong to assume that people don't know that? Have you been to Target lately? There has been Easter stuff since February. Better yet, check your day planner. Now I do admit that I may be a bit more in tuned due to the fact that I have small children and work in the schools. We know days off better then our family's birthdays! But that aside, I an having a difficult time wrapping my brain around the fact that there are people out there that think the president picks Easter. Sadly I missed some of the other callers and their lame reasonings as to why Easter is on March because I was venting to my husband about the stupidity of the people in Wisconsin. "Just another reason to move," I threw in. Yeah, he didn't fall for it. Damn. I can, however, definitely state that there are exactly three days till one of our all time favorite national holidays - why, St. Patrick's Day of course!!!!! And I won't even start about the controversy that St Patrick's Day falls during holy week.


Christie said...

At least St Patrick's Day doesn't fall on Good Friday this year - can you even imagine???

Anonymous said...

Watch it sister...I was born here in the lovely state of Wisconsin and have resided here my whole life....don't lump me into that "stupid" category:) We're not all that clueless. I cannot believe that someone ACTUALLY believes that the president determines when Easter falls. Mixing politics and religion is a lethal combination. Whoever said that is a product of in breeding - there is no other logical excuse for that comment! YIKES.
BG :)
Precisely why I don't listen to annoying D.J.'s on the way to work or to anywhere for that matter.