Thursday, March 27, 2008

is patience a virtue?

Here is your math problem of the day. Maple House + three hungry children + two tour busses of elderly Quebecians + one lactating friend on a schedule =your answer here. If I could only describe the true fortitude of what our encounter was I would be oh so happy. My BFF pick the boys and me up for breakfast this morning, wooing us with all the Maple House had to offer. "They make their own Maple Coffee. They infuse the beans with maple syrup." I was instantly hooked after that first comment. The also had a sugarhouse (where they make the maple syrup) and a store called the Sugar Shack. Personally, I think the 'Sugar Shack' sounds like a strip club or adult movie but it was, in fact, a shack filled with all things sugar and maple. We arrived with three hungry children, my two boys plus her 18-month-old son, and our own ravenous appetites. I had been salivating for the coffee from the time she picked me up from the hotel and already had my 'it's 9 am and I haven't had coffee headache' going. The place was in the middle of nowhere in the back woods of Nashua/ Amherst. It didn't appear crowded when we were first seated.... but then the tour buses arrived. Q-tips and grey hairs were everywhere. We were being invaded!! The waitress brought two coloring books to our table to amuse our children while she sat the masses. The only problem with that was she brought a Sesame Street (fine for the younger two) and a Disney Princess book. Drake and Grady made quite the faces at the pink embodied book of ‘all that is girl’. We pitched the princess book and divvied up the Sesame Street pages. After an excruciatingly long wait we were finally served. As a side note - the coffee was too die for!! The boys did as well as any caged and hungry animal can do but after all the sugary goodness started to digest, they needed to run off some of that extra energy before our car ride back. BFF and I on the other hand, were in a food-induced coma state and ready for a well-deserved nap.

We took a quick walk through the sugarhouse and saw how they make maple syrup. I loved the smell of the wood burning and the slight sweet tinge in the air.

The boys liked swinging with Anthony and crossing the covered troll bridge. I had to indulge in a bag of the maple coffee and entered the Sugar Shack with the idea that I would run in and run out with my purchase. Ann's milk was dropping and well, that just isn't a good thing when babycakes is at home with her Daddy, probably staring to wail and fuss. What I entered instead of the Sugar Shack was the Twilight Zone for the elderly. And not just any elderly – French speaking Q-tips. They were bickering over the prices, the lines, the lack of bathrooms, the lack of pink stained glass dragonflies window hangings and so on and so forth. And so, my mantra began. “Some day I too will be old and crotchety, some day I too will be old and crotchety.” Because of their excessive scrutiny, it was taking forever to purchase my two bags of coffee. I tried my best to hold my tongue and not go postal on the two old ladies in front of me when they couldn’t decide between the ‘Kim’ or ‘Kimberly’ sleigh ornament. I think it went like this, “Her real name is Kimberly.” “Yes, but doesn’t she go by Kim?” “Oh yes… which do you think she would like?” “I’m not sure. Maybe her real name…. but she does have everyone call her Kim…” “I think I will get her the Kim. Hmmmm, or maybe the Kimberly?” At this point I am doing all I can to not scream out “Stop the insanity!!! It is a $2.00 ornament for Pete’s sake!! Buy both!” I chose instead to bang my head against the cute little maple plaque with Pope John Paul on it. I made it out alive, battered and bruised, but alive and bearing coffee. I cannot say the same for some of the others. All in all it really was a fantastic time. Anytime with BFF is well spent. Though trying to sop up runny boobs the whole way back was quite the challenge!


Christie said...

Oh, leaking boobs -- know them ALL too well. Poor BFF. Hope the coffee is worth it! :)

cautious1 said...

I would have paid money to be in line next to you when the "great debate" over the ornament was taking place. You crack me up! Hope you're having fun!