Tuesday, March 25, 2008

and the adventure begins

Let me begin by saying that 4 am is ugly. If you thought my photo of truthiness was bad, avoid the 4 am picture at all cost. Thankfully I was able to get almost all the packing done last night, with the exception of those last few items that taunted me in my sleep. So far I think I have everything. Granted, we are only on the plane but what we don’t have I guess we can buy. Miraculously we made it to the plane on time because the line for security wrapped around the entire airport. We also got held up in security due to short stuff and his stash. The TSA lady stopped us and said she had to investigate Grady’s backpack. She said there were questionable items they needed to see. “Well if there are he would be the one to have them”. Thankfully she laughed. Sometimes those people take their job a bit to seriously and can be quite rude. The items in question were his three small jars of play-dough. Someone– though I won’t mention names– (Jes) had mentioned before that she packs play dough to entertain her little munchkins. I thought that was a great idea and followed suit. Well, TSA does not view moldable clay as a kosher flying item. She did the chemical warfare swipe test to it and deemed it flight-worthy. So far Grady loves the plane though was a bit disgruntled that he was not allowed to drive it. The elderly lady behind us gave quiet a smirk at that remark.

My goal is to post pictures throughout the trip – yeah, we will see how that goes. I hope to do some sightseeing, hit the aquarium and lots of eating. The boys are very excited to see their Tia (my BFF) and I can’t wait to get my hands on her new little one. My BFF is Greek and she married an east coast Italian. I am already salivating at the food possibilities. I am sure we will be able to find lots of ways to fill our time since we aren’t house hunting and school shopping. But I won’t go there, at least not yet!


Jes said...

Guess I will be tacking the playdough out of Abby's bag before we leave tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up :) We are leaving at 4 am too...not looking forward to it.
Have a great time and eat well!

JCR said...

What's with all you early travelers? (We left at 6 today and that about killed me.) I'll have to leave the Play-Doh at home on our next trip, too. I hope you are having a wonderful trip!