Tuesday, March 18, 2008

embracing that which is flabby

I hate my stomach. After gaining 80 pounds - TWICE!! - to say it has seen better days is an understatement. My tummy and I go round and round. Some days I look at it and sigh, "Oh flabbiness, you come from spawning two beautiful boys. Without them, I would not have all these long and lengthy stretch marks, saggy skin and a belly button that looks as if it has a foreskin. Thank you for baking them and making it difficult to find clothes that don't make me look like an over sized muffin." Other days I look at it and curse, "Damn you flabby skin!!! Can't you just lay flat and not bulge over my pants for one frickin day?! Must you seep out from the depths of my waist bands and jiggle as I walk. Stop laying in bed next to me!!!" I was having one of the cursing moments as Drake was talking to me while I was getting dressed the other night into my "lounge wear". He was watching and had this silly little smile on his face as he cocked his head sideways.
Me: What is so funny?
D: Nothing. I just like your belly.
M: You like my belly? Why?
D: I like how it puffs out. (with this he stands up and starts poking it - I hate that) It's soft and warm.
M: (like a muffin I'm thinking) Really?
D: Yeah and I like to rest my head on it when I hug you. It's like a warm pillow. It's comfy.
M: Thanks bud I needed to hear that
D: How did I fit in there by the way?
M: You didn't. That is why it looks like this!
D: Oh. Will it always be puffy?
M: Yes, I can guarantee that it will always be puffy.

So I guess today I should embrace my fluffiness. Granted I may always look like a cupcake or over stuffed sausage in pants but at least it is comforting to a seven year old boy when he needs a hug.


JCR said...

Aww, that was sweet. I'm glad he was able to make you feel better. And I totally get where you're coming from. Some days I don't even look down.

I'm going to steal your "lounge wear" phrase. It sounds so much classier than my "soft pants."

Jes said...

Things would be great if my kids also hugged my butt :) i have seen you in your bikini and I have no idea what you are talking about. You look great and I am jealous of you often.

Anonymous said...

Drake says the cutest things!
By the way, what flab are you referring to??? You're skinny!