Wednesday, March 26, 2008

sharks and turtles and dragons oh my!

I guess I should also add tourettes to the title as well cause nothing says public transportation like a run in with a person with tourettes. This man was spewing his rant, filled with so many nice words, that it even made a potty mouth like me blush. He was throwing around the F bomb and C word like "the" and "is". Grady's eyes grew big and in his oh so quiet two year old voice bellowed, "Ooooo Momma, he's a bad guy!!!" And he said it not once but twice. I can say for certain that one of those C words was directed at my loud-mouthed child and me. But on a whole I love Boston. I could wrap my arms around it and never leave. Because if was 60 and sunny we decided to take the boys to the aquarium.

Because schools in Massachusetts were not on break, there were no lines or crowds at the Aquarium. Grady wanted to see the sharks and the octopus while Drake was making a B line towards the penguins.

The aquarium is in the middle and you walk around, up in a spiral, to see all the different fish and sea life and exhibits. I really liked the fact that there were a lot of opportunities to see all the fish and we never felt crowded or rushed to move out of the way for someone else.

Drake got to hold a baby Chinese sea crab. I thought baby looked like she would have made a good meal but Mom and Dad can grow anywhere from 10 - 12 feet around. Now that would be a meal!!!

Grady loved seeing the sea turtles. They even had a baby one that looked like Squirt in Finding Nemo. I have to admit that the two older turtles that swam with ease through the tank fascinated me. Their shells were beautiful and their faces looked soft and kind. The boys and I also loved the huge jellyfish exhibit. I never knew there were so many different species, shapes and sizes. Glad they were behind the tank and not in my local swimming hole!

And of course, no trip to the wharf is complete without a trip to Legal Seafood. Drake asked if we were eating any of the fish from the aquarium to which I chuckled. "No honey. These fish come in on the ships in the harbor." "But this restaurant is right next door to the aquarium. Kind of fishy." Yeah I know, he is a laugh riot. His curiosity about the acquisition of fish grew as he completed the "secret code" game on the kids me. "See says 'If it's not fresh it's not legal'. Are they getting the fish illegally? Why would they put that as the secret code?" I tried to explain that it was a play on words and that nothing was obtained illegally, at least to my knowledge. I don't think my explanation worked but at least I got to finish my chowder.

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