Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ramblings of a seven year old

These are the days I wish my son was not so quick on the uptake or as my husband says "spot on".

Drake: Mom, can I ask you a question?
Me: You just did.
D: Maaawwwwm, really.
M: Yes, go ahead.
D: Why is it funny, in the movie Cars, when the rusty cars are talking to Lightning McQueen about not having headlights, and he says he is a race cars and race cars don't have headlights because the race track is always lit and then one of the cars says "So is my brother but he still needs headlights". Why is that funny?
M: Uhhh, well, hmmm... it's adult humor.
D: Yeah but what does it mean? Why is it funny?
M: It's just adult humor. They put it in there so Moms and Dads will watch the movies with their kids. I just can't explain it. AND you are too young for me to explain it to. Any other questions?
D: (saddened) No, I just wanted to know why that was funny and you always laugh.

So after this discussion I realize that I probably didn't answer his question the right way and in fact, I do laugh every time I hear that quote for a multitude of reasons. It also leaves me speechless (yes, I know that is a first) as to how to answer these types of questions in the future without stumbling and stuttering like a bumbling fool. I could be honest but I am just not ready to go down that road yet, at least on this topic. Now, throw any sex or morality question my way and I can answer that pretty honestly. Although the whole "why don't you have a penis Mommy?" did backfire in my face on several occasions. Maybe I am just meant to stumble and stutter through their youth and learn from my mistakes. I am sure this conversation will not drastically change who he is and who he will become and may even help me answer Grady's questions when they come iin the future. Oh, who am I kidding?! He won't stop long enough to ponder movie quotes, if he ever stops at all!


Christie said...
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Christie said...

Kinda like the time Jason was asking what tampons are for... I'm trying my best to go with the "honesty is the best policy," but it is very difficult at times... I'm sure Drake will be just fine. As for Grady and Carter, I fear their questions...