Monday, March 31, 2008

rantings of a soccer chic

I wasn't going to go here, but after much pondering and many, many nagging thoughts about this psychotic team I played last night, I felt the need to vent. Oh you Lady Dragons, I think you are playing way out of your league. We have no room for your poor sportsmanship and lack of, shall I say, skills?? Shoving other players because they beat you to the ball is not looked upon highly, neither is hacking at their ankles. And you, oh over confident goalie, should not dive head first towards a ball at an opponents feet and then scream foul. While we, the Cosmos, do follow the so called 'halo rule', it does not include plays that involve lack of forethought. It also does not encourage you to hunker down, with your face level to your opponents foot, when they take a shot on goal. This is just...well.... stupid. And to make matters worse, when the game is over, you neglect to shake hands and say 'nice game', which would have demonstrated good sportsmanship, when you were massacred 7-0. But who am I to point out your short comings?? No, you were able to demonstrate that at too well when you tried to pick a fight with two of my fellow teammates after the game about roughing the goalie. (Please see previous statements about the stupidity of the aforementioned goalie). For some strange reason your goalie felt that no one should come within 20 feet of her, let alone touch her in any way. Obviously she has not been playing long or she would know that the goalie takes the brunt of the games shots as well as contact with other players. Typically goalies come towards players with their feet, not their heads, thus taking out opposing players as they charge the goal. But this would mean that she had even the smallest inkling of how to play soccer, which by her demonstration last night, she does not. I can't wait to see what she does when outdoor begins in three weeks and her goal box triples in size! Maybe they will be moved down a league by can only hope!

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