Thursday, June 28, 2007

a time to gloat

Well as mentioned in the previous post I had a procedure today that I was told was too much information for some. So with that being said I will not expand upon my experience. But I will throw out there that during this ordeal a bit of happiness did surface, at least for me. Since it had been a year since I had been to the doctor they put me on the scale for my annual weigh in. I have been feeling a bit discouraged observing my weight watcher success story friends dwindling down to nothing... (you know who you are!) while I continue to carry around my baby weight. I have been trying this last year to do something about it, not as whole heartily as they, but somewhat trying nonetheless. Well these past few months I decided to take a stand against my muffin top!! And low and behold... I am 12 pounds lighter then last year. So yeah for me!! That does however still leave 7 pounds I would really, really like to get rid of. I am hoping that training for this triathlon that I don't want to do will help, but a brownie sundae sure sounds like a better way to celebrate!

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