Friday, June 29, 2007

oldie but goodie

After viewing a hilarious video clip on another blog it totally reminded me of a clip I had of my son. Searching through my hard drive I found it. Now let me preface by saying it won't earn me Mommy Stars by any means. It was taken four years ago when my son was three. He is dancing while singing Nelly's "Hot in Here". If I were as smart, like JCR, I would be able to upload it to my blog. VERY worth viewing and makes me smile every time (like the dancing berries and cream man). The fact that he is three and can sing the song perfectly, while dancing, is quite impressive. Though the fact that it is that song may not be AS impressive. My BFF did not believe that he could sing that song till it came on the radio and he busted out his best three year old dance moves. She taped it on her camera as proof to others that I had warped my son at such an early and tender age. I always thought of it as cheap entertainment. Tomato, tomahto.

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JCR said...

That sounds hilarious! I wish I could help you figure out how to post it. I'd love to see it. The only reason I was able to post B&C was because YouTube had some HTML to copy.