Friday, June 22, 2007


Decided I needed a little pick me up and ventured to Victoria’s Secret to splurge on something pink and fun. While I was there and contemplating all the new and improved amenities for the girls, the helpful assistant asked if I knew my size and if I had ever been measured. Quite the loaded question if you ask me. Thinking I had nothing to loose I agreed to be measured. Much to me dismay the size she told me was much smaller then I had been PK (pre- kids). Stunned and in a state of disbelief I made her do it again. Nothing like revisiting the shock twice! Then to soften the blow – HA! – she informs me that they don’t keep “that size” on the racks. If I wanted a bra I would have to look below, in the drawers. Well that was the pick me up I needed let me tell you. Seeking comfort I called my BFF. Her response, you queried? “What are you concave now??” So I am now looking for a new BFF that does not have the nice “milk mommas” she so happily gloats about. Though did make a pretty purchase…. and yes it is padded!

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