Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ramblings of a seven year old

Mom, is butt hole a swear word?
Uuuhhh, no I guess not.
Mom, can I say butt hole??
Well, it's not the nicest word.
Mom, can I say a-hole?
NO, definitely not.
But Mom, aren't a-hole and butt hole the same thing?
Yes, technically they are.
Then why can't I say a-hole??
Because IT is a swear word and is not nice to say.
Oohhhh.......can I say pie hole?
It means butt hole too right?
No it is another word for your mouth.
Hmmm, interesting.

Yes, this is one of the many reasons I love having boys. Where is my happy pill when I need it??

1 comment:

Urban Chick said...

he's asking these questions at seven??


i shall start bracing myself now...