Monday, June 25, 2007

100 things you may or may not know about me

1. I am the older of two children 2. I have a younger brother 3. I have six cousins, all males 4. I have two cats, both males 5. My dog is a male 6. I live in a house with three other males 7. My husband has two brothers 8. Can you see the root of my problems? 9. I have three tattoos but have been inked five times 10. My favorite piercing is my tongue 11. My favorite color is purple 12. I am addicting to educating myself 13. I am painfully shy 14. My palms sweat 15. I went to an all-girls college 16. I used to collect pigs 17. I now hate collections 18. I will try almost anything once 19. My first son was over 11 lbs 20. Yes, I had him naturally 21. I secretly love a great tackle on the soccer field 22. Even better if there is blood shed 23. I have been to Siberia 24. I had to be rescued by the Russian Special Forces 25. I can’t wait to move out of Wisconsin 26. I love my feet 27. I think biting your nails is the nastiest habit 28. I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe 29. I tend to obsessive-compulsive 30. I have sky dived from +4000 ft 31. I am afraid of heights 32. I have no desire to go to China, Japan or Thailand 33. I want to go to Australia and Fiji 34. I used to eat cold hot dogs as a child 35. I love to dip my fries in chocolate milkshakes 36. Pizza and beer make the world a better place 37. I am a flirt 38. I dislike people that lie 39. I hate my chin 40. I have never broken a bone 41. I love to read 42. My nickname is Kat 43. I like it better then my name 44. I love to nap 45. I met Sammy Hagar 46. I’m a catastrophist 47. I believe in ghosts 48. I am deathly afraid of spiders 49. I believe in fate 50. I am a die hard romantic 51. I can’t stand when people end a sentence with a preposition 52. I have never idolized anyone 53. I looked up to my grandma 54. I hate to cook 55. I love to bake 56. I have been to Quantico 57. I don’t shave my legs in the winter 58. I love Walt Whitman 59. I am a great dancer 60. I love to sing but have a terrible voice 61. I prefer to not wear shoes 62. I hate things on my neck 63. I once went on a date with a man that was 19 years older then me 64. I used to jump horses 65. I love the smell of play-doh 66. I want to live by the ocean 67. I have been to Ireland 68 I am an avid list maker 69. I can’t float in water 70. My first crush was on a boy named Jason 71. I can’t get dressed before I do my hair 72. I view my hair as an accessory 73. I grew up in a town called Poland 74. Brushing doll’s hair is calming 75. I love to drive 76. I really love to drive fast 77. I wanted to be a doctor as a child 78. I passed out at the latest U2 concert, in the fourth row 79. I used to slalom race in the snow 80. I was a competitive swimmer for 12 years 81. I never wear lipstick 82. I am not selfish 83. I believe in God 84. I have never been arrested, formally 85. I have dated guys named Trond, Ali, Konstantino, Cash, Ziggy and Shannon 86. I have run topless in the rain 87. I am afraid of the dark 88. I am not very computer savvy 89. I am a stickler for manners 90. I am a sleep nazi 91. I once did runway-modeling 92. I can’t play any instruments 93. I have worked at a cemetery and a bakery 94. I love to give presents 95. I have never had black hair 96. I am supposed to wear glasses 97. I wish I were multi-lingual 98. I refuse to iron 99. I poison small rodents 100. I love the Ohio State Buckeyes!!

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