Tuesday, June 26, 2007

glorious find

I think it is almost time to retire my all time favorite pair of shorts. They were my favorite pair of jeans in high school, which when they finally got a hole in the knee, turned into my favorite pair of shorts. They were the first pair of men’s jeans that I ever bought and my first pair of button flies. Since most jeans I tried on looked like I was waiting for Noah to reappear, I opted to try men’s jeans. And since grunge was in (yes I date myself) the fact that they were a bit baggy was even better. They fit perfectly and I instantly fell in love. But as they continue to fray, their time quickly dwindles. I am much too old for Daisy Dukes and since gravity has rearranged my body, they are just not AS perfect anymore. But low and behold! What do I find in the Goodwill pile? A pair of men’s cutoffs my husband was discarding. Hmmm, these might work. Since his jeans are 4 inches larger in the waist then my original pair, they sit perfectly on my hips, not too high, not too low. Plus he has done the dirty work of wearing them in and they even have some wear holes to boot. Excellent!! So sad he outgrew them…. hee hee Now I just have to work up the courage to move on. I am sure my favorite shorts will sit in my closet for a few seasons before I work up enough nerve to get rid of them. They have seen many things, been many places and know way more then I will ever own up too. But after 20 years what is a girl to do?

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jes said...

As they say...one man's trash is another woman's treasure!