Wednesday, June 20, 2007

cicada invasion

When my friend told me her lawn was black and moving I became intrigued. I had been hearing about the 17 year cicada invasion that hit Illinois for some time. When she told me she had to use her leaf blower to clear off her driveway and walkway, I had to see it for myself. Doing my research I knew cicadas didn't bite or eat humans (very important when you are afraid of bugs) They look quite nasty and smell even worse. They were flying every where and seemed to have a love for landing on me - ick. The kids however loved them, again ick. Luckily Grady did not eat any, like a few days ago when he ate a dried up worm, but I digress. I have included some pictures for your viewing pleasure, ha! My secret pleasure?? Hearing the loud "plunk" every time one of those slow fat bugs bounced off my windshield while I was driving. Aaaah, it is the little things that bring me such joy :)

PS: That is NOT me holding the cicada.

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