Friday, June 08, 2007

goin' to the zoo

Oh yes, the zoo! D's first grade class took their annual trip to the zoo. D pleaded that I step up and perform my motherly duties as a parent chaperon. Oh all right, how hard could a trip to the zoo be?? Silly, silly girl. Not only did I have to provided constant snacks, water and any other hydration sold or viewed any where in eye sight, I had to do it all with a toddler in tow. Then add to the fact that it was in the 90's, oh yes, it is the equation of fun. There is nothing like trekking through the zoo during a freak Midwestern June heat wave. Of course the animals were less then thrilled by the hundreds of onlookers and only wanted to lay around and either bask in the sun or hide in the shade. I was of the same mind set as the bear... kicking back in the hammock. The only thing required to make it perfect?? A margarita of course! In the end it was a good day. The kids had fun and were completely wiped out. The parents, also exhausted and smelly, got to experience firsthand the excitement that the zoo brings, the sparkle it puts in the eyes of their children and the reason it is a once a year trip :)

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