Friday, June 15, 2007

last day of school

The day every child dreams of after the first few weeks of September had finally arrived. My few days of gentle reprieve have quickly come to an end. Darn. So much for Bon Bons and cappuccinos! Oh wait, need I forget I have a demonic two year old. Silly, silly girl. Well summer in this girl’s house has officially begun. I have to scrounge up my list of must-reads for the summer. Though I have also created a “to do” list, mostly finishing projects I have started but alas, never finished. Can I blame that on my ADHD?? Then there is this triathlon that I promised a friend I would do with her. Don’t quite know what I was thinking there! But the lack of training that is happening and the quickly approaching date seem to be an almost lethal combination. Still waiting for a miracle to get me out of this one…. Feel free to send any extras my way! Then please send the paramedics!

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