Monday, October 06, 2008

ramblings of a three year old

Grady's world of three has been an completely insane and mind numbing amazing journey so far. Granted, he swings through moods and personlalities faster then Sybil, but when he is in a happy place, he is the funniest kid EVER! Here are some of his latest ramblings.

Me: What did you learn about at school today?
Grady: Dinosaurs!!
Me: (knowing it was 'B' day and he was supposed to learn about Betsy Bee) You did?!? What did you learn?
G: That they eat police officers.
Me: They do?
G: Yep. They rip their heads off and eat them...... I don't think I want to be a police officer when I growed up Momma.

This was his response when we were ghosted the other night by a neighbor. They left us a pumpkin (aka punk man) full of treats.
G: MOM!!! The punk man dinged our dig bell and left me me candy!! Why did he ding my ding bell Mommy??
M: To leave you a special treat.
G: Oooooh. The punk man doesn't like candy Momma?
M: Nope, he is sharing them with you.
G: I don't think the punk man should ding ding bells Mommy. He can scare people.

Hubby: Grady you need to pick up your toys before you can have a snack.
G: Dadda .... you're killin' me!!! (said as he throws his hands in the air)

And my all time favorite he said this morning in the car.
G: Momma! I know what I am going to learn about in school today!
M: What honey?
G: I'm going to learn about chickens and Jesus!!

And this is where he left me speechless!!


ali said...

He sounds so excited to learn about chickens and Jesus! Maybe if I tell my son's catechism teacher to throw so chickens into the mix he'll be excited too!

Colleen said...

Ha ha ha...
I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a three year old who seems to be bi-freakin-polar some days! He's crying, then he's laughing about something in the same breath!

Too cute... punk man!

Putz said...

two things...1st i wisdh dinosaurs zate policements on my block...we have seventeen and one with binoculars watching my house for DOGS AT LARGE....2.your son sounds wise beyond his ears, i mean years....yoiu better watch him around the females, one is going to eventually try to rope him in

Jes said...

I swear these words could have come out of Abby's mouth.

Diane said...

My favoriet is the "you're killing me" one! That is hysterical!

Ann said...

Hey I want to learn about chickens and Jesus too! (What kind of school is he going to anyway?!)

Casey said...

Chickens AND Jesus, that's a lot to learn in one day. I love the stuff that comes out of kids mouths, I can't wait for my son to start talking. Of course once he does, we won't be able to shut him up!

Toni said...

he sounds awesome!!!! Even though I don't want to rush Hunter in is growing/aging process, I do look forward to some of these conversations!

Blarney said...

Atleast you get something, mine just shrug and say 'nothing'. I'd be speechless if they actually told me something about their day before I had to painfully extract their day over pleaded conversation.

Cliff said...

We were in Dublin last month. Spent a lot of time at The Cobblestone playing/listening to the music. Great craic.

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Cheryl said...

THIS is the future of our country...he's a keeper! :-)

keiki3 said...

So, what's with the chickens and Jesus??? Some of those conversations sound oddly similar to some in our house!

Baker Watson said...

The things that kids come up with are amazing. We tend to think that they must view the world in a way similar to ours and then all of a sudden here comes an off-the-wall comment that makes us realize they make associations that we would never have dreamed of. That's one of the things that are great about kids.