Friday, October 10, 2008

posted vacancy - you know you want to!

Hey you there!! Yes you.... the one sitting on their rump reading. What are you doing in a few weeks? Want to come by my place and blog sit for me in a week or so? You would only have to write one day - that is of course unless no one else shows up for the party. I mean, aren't you tired of always writing on your blog? You are?! Great! Then it's a deal. What? Where am I going?? Oh well, do we really need to get into all that? That seems a bit trivial at this moment don't you think? Look, you could scope out my place, see what I hide under the bed and heck, I will even stock up the cabinets for you! Come on..... you know you want to. Leave a message in the comments and the keys are yours. Just try and keep the fun to a minimum..... or not. It is totally in your hands!


Ann said...

IrishKat, it's time.
A GNO is needed.
(Come over if you have the time).
And I'm not asking to write on your blog because that idea scares me. (Your bar is very high. NO! Not the drinking bar!)

Colleen said...

I'd be happy to guest post!

I may just be able to come up with some fodder on our road trip!!!

(Getting all girlie excited about it, by the way! Eeeeeeee! I promise not to squeal like that in the car. I so don't do that. N stuff.)

Jeanna said...

Well, I am an Irish lass myself (and Italian and possibly Norwegian), so maybe.

Nancy said...

Wow. You're brave. Or else I'm tipsy. I was just doing Ann's GNO and good grief, here I am offering to (look into your medicine chest and) write on your blog and stuff.
Your call.