Friday, October 03, 2008

haiku friday - bloggy love

Haiku Friday
I was given this
From a sweet wee Irish friend
Who felt I inspire

It left me blushing
To receive such a gesture
What a compliment!

Now I must follow
And pass the love to others
With whom shall I share??

The Sweet Blog Award
Can be given to many
Here are just a few.

Midwestern Mommy
Sugarpants and Laughs and Tears
Crunchy Carpets too!

Kaza's Place for sure
Some of This and Some of That
Oh and Mommy Time!

Have now been given
The special Sweet Blog Award
Go and pass along!


mimi11460 said...

Congratulations to your award..Happy weekends..

Putz said...

you are definetly worth it irish cat

crunchy said...

awwww...don't you feel all sugary?

I am getting a headache just reading it all...

THANK you for passing it along!!!

I surely appreciate it...

Autumn's Mom said...

Sweet :) I envy your haiku skills.

ali said...

I had to forgo my poetry Friday post and was feeling lost until a came here. Love the haiku! Now my Friday is complete!

Lisa said...

Aww. You are so sweet
Thanks for the award lassie
Happy Friday, girl!

Kaza said...

YUMMY!!! I really needed this sweet little pick-me-up, and I'm truly touched. You've made my week! Cute post on it too! ;)

MommyTime said...

Oh, thank you so much IrishKat! I really appreciate it. It will be fun to think about where to send it next.

keiki3 said...

Thanks for thinking of me!

Jes said...

AAAAWWW thanks.