Thursday, October 30, 2008

top ten things i learned in cancun

Hello blog friends! I am back, relaxed and have a very fainted subtle glow from the southern sunshine.(ok I am really peeling but that is just a technicality)  It was nice to get away, though coming back to the disaster that my blog sitters left was a little much! I am just kidding - they actually left this place cleaner then it has ever been! I loved reading all their posts on MY blog ... hee hee  Thank you to all my guest writers!!! You were fabulous!

While away on my holiday I learned quite a bit. So I decided to make a top ten list to share my new wealth of knowledge from traveling abroad. I will warn you that some pictures may cause permanent damage to the eyes and nightmares for life!

1. People need to pass an 'airplane etiquette' class before being able to fly long distances on a plane. The woman in front of me felt the plane was her own personal nail salon. She sat and cut and filed her nails for over two hours. I won't even get in to how gross it was to see her nail clippings flying through the air!!

2. After reading "Twilight" I am convinced the pages are laced with crack. As I say this the second book is sitting next to me on my desk tormenting me to read it in a day like it's previous partner.

3. No matter how good my intentions were, my workout clothes did NOT even make it out of my suitcase. I didn't even look at them!! I am hoping frolicking in the waves and drinking counts as exercise. No?? Really? Hmmmm.

4. When you are in the middle of the ocean snorkeling and you guide asks if you want to see some sharks and your husband says "Yes!!", you really have no choice but to swim after them. In my mind I was hoping that if there was a pack of us the sharks would be deterred - insane I know!

5. I am also now convinced that there is a top secret Water Mafia operating in full force in Mexico. The whole 'bad water' thing is just a ploy for you to dole out $3.00 for a bottle of water. You have no choice but to buy it or suffer Montezuma's revenge for days. They really have us all fooled.

6. Guys, if I am expected to wax, so should you. I am sure if I came out to the beach looking like this you would try and jab the nearest sharp object in your eyes while running and screaming to the hills. A little hygiene goes a LONG way my friends!!

7. I learned that no one that looks like Matt Grevers wears a speedo. Sigh.... where is an Olympic swimmer when you need one? My eyes are still recovering from the men I saw in speedos - oh the pain, the pain I tell you!!

8. I also learned that no matter how hard I try, how diligent I am with my sunscreen, I ALWAYS miss something. It varies every trip. This trip, I forgot to put sunscreen on, or should I say IN, my bellybutton. In case you were curious I have an innie, so the cute little button got burnt to a crisp.

9. I should never try to straighten my hair in a tropical climate. I did it without thinking and with good intentions, but as soon as the wind and humidity hit me - it was all over. You know it's really bad when your husband has that scared, wide eyed look while nodding and mumbling, "No really... it looks fine."

10. Last but not least - No matter how crazy my boys drive me on a daily basis, there is nothing better then being smothered with kisses and hugs after a few days away. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder!!


Ann said...


Oh, this list is good. But wait, when you go to Mexico you even have to put sunscreen on your belly button?! I don't think my pale skin could take that kind of sunshine.

And you tried to straighten your hair? Silly Kat.

Sorry about the speedo sightings. (I'm so very sorry.)

cautious1 said...

O.K. that picture of Quazi Moto was DISGUSTING! You seriously did NOT witness that in person, right??? I think I have been scarred for life after looking at that. YUCK!!!!
I'm glad that you had an opportunity to get away and spend some quality time away with your hubbie! When are speedos going to get banned?? Come on, WHO wears those?????
I'm glad you're back. Seriously, are we EVER going to do coffee again?? It was great to spend time with you at Tuscany but I need "MY Space"! :)

Putz said...

are you going to put pictures for us on blog a dog????

Autumn's Mom said...

That was a scary pic. I guess scarier in person, in a speedo. YIKES I don't think I've ever heard of anyone getting sunburned in their belly button! Glad you had a good time though. Frolicking in the ocean DOES count ;)

Diane said...

Glad to have you back!!! You're right, no one who actually wears a speedo in public ever looks that good!

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Sounds like you had a great time - in my opinion, work out clothes have NO BUSINESS being brought on a vacation! ;-)

The Mom said...

thanks for that second pic to rinse the throw up out of my mouth from the hairy guy!

why don't i remember that swimmer...too much phelps from the neck down stares!


Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

Oh some of those lessons I wouldn't have wanted to learn, like the speedo thing or the waxing! Glad you had fun!

keiki3 said...

Sounds like a wonderful time - and a great learning experience as well!

ali said...

Wait, you were in Cancun? Putz left a note on my blog hinting that you were trekking across Russia! Oh that Putz.

Glad you're back!