Wednesday, October 29, 2008

questions of the week

I came across this post while entrecard dropping and it peaked my interest. I thought it would be a great way to share some of the 'inner workings' of this lassie with the masses. Here is my first go of it - let me know what you think.

Here are this weeks questions!

1. What does whispering make you think of?

** My paranoid answer would be people talking about others (or me) and telling secrets. I am not quite the fan of whispering.

2. What kinds of current women’s clothing styles do you dislike the most?

** The super short shorts. I was so happy when bermudas came back into style this summer.

3. What is your greatest extravagance?

** I would have to say wine. I LOVE it and drink it often - but in moderation!!

4. Do you have a good luck charm? What is it?

** I don't have a good luck charm but I do wear a 'worry ring'. I am on my third one as I have worn out the other two. The one I wear now is just starting to break - so sad!!

5. Fill in the blank: “Without ___ I am nothing.”

** God

6. How do you react when you find out that your closest friend dated your ex?

** I did not react well. We did not remain friends much longer after that.

7. Do your heart and your mind ever disagree?

** All the time.

8. In what areas of your life are you uncompromisable?

** I am strong in my beliefs, even if they are not the popular views. i tend to do my own thing and not worry about pleasing others. It is my 'inner Betty' - if I can't be true to myself how can I be true to others? Guess that is why I still dress like I do and shy away from "Mom wear".

9. Have you ever gossiped about other people in order to add excitement to your
own life only for it to back-fire on you ?

** I’d like to say no, but sadly I was voted class gossip in High School...... sigh.

10. I am___________________.

** Wow, this is hard. I can come up with s many ways to answer this question. Blessed, strong, fragile, sassy, independent, a good friend, scared, a giver, a soccer diva, surrounded by boys!

Be sure to check here for next week's list of questions.


Toni said...

I was happy to see the Bermudas too!!!

ali said...

I just hope capris never go out of style. I refuse to show my legs in public!

BusyDad said...

Cheers, fellow boozer! (I know, you do it in moderation, but in an effort to feel better about spending too much money on Scotch, I'm considering us the same category. Indulge me).

Putz said...

when i hear or see people whispering, i think what fun they are having..i wish i could wisper to someone like that, and it must be good stuff if thet do it and titter at the same time, and if it is about me, great..I LOVE THE ATTENTION even if it is to be negativ..better than nothing at all or being ignored..noone likes to be ignored so you beeter respond to me KAT... do you know i have been writing to all your blogging friends lately, and they are just wonderful...been telling them you walked clear across russia,,,hey that is what you told me and something about spit...i don't like to talk, can you tell??????

Kaza said...

We are SO alike in many of these things (especially the wine, ahem). Welcome back!