Monday, August 04, 2008

10 things i’ve learned from my child

Absolutely bananas Has decided to do a Monday writing prompt. Brilliant! Especially since I have been feeling so mentally and physically fried the past few weeks. Today's prompt is to write about ten things you have learned from you children. Only ten?!? This may be tougher then I thought.

1. The seat will always be up, the toilet will never be flushed and there will always be socks or a random pair of underwear on the floor. I haven't been able to change their Dad, I won't be able to change them. I will rack it up to a genetic mutation.

2. Genetic mutation #2 - my boys were born with dirt magnets under their finger nails. Two seconds out of the shower and they look like they have been farming all day.

3. It is more fun to play with Tonka trucks in the sand then maintain a clean and pristine house.

4. Laundry left in the basket will procreate and multiply to epic proportions. Maybe it is better on the floor after all?

5. My heart has room to completely and equally love three different boys for a million different reasons.

6. I can turn into one mean and wicked Momma Tiger when one of my cubs is in trouble.

7. I will eventually go broke trying to feed my endless pits of children. Yes, our pantry will always be empty 2 hours after I go to the store... sigh.

8. I will break my "I don't cry" rule at every parent/ teacher conference, school concert and Science Fair. As they get older I am sure this will also include school dances, sporting events and any other random heart wrenching thing.

9. The traits that I like about me do NOT bode well in a person under 4 feet tall. Especially when they are standing in front of me, hands on their hips and giving me my look right back at me.

10. I would not trade my chaotic, sleep deprived, messy life for anything else in the world!


Putz said...

did you know that when girls use the toliet, they make a bigger mess than when gents use the gratefil..i used to clean both at one time and i do KNOW THIS FOR A FACT

princessofsomething said...

I love this list! It makes me smile! :)

Honey Mommy said...

I totally hear you! I have two little boys (so far) and it is WAY different from what I am used to. I grew up in a house full of girls!

You sure do learn a lot from boys, don't you? I don't think my toilet will EVER stay clean!

Ann said...

So well done!
(I think I'm going to have to read this about 10 times.)
I'm so happy I found your blog!

mrsbear0309 said...

Great list. #7 and #2 particularly resonated with me. My army is ripping apart packages as soon as I get them through the door. My husband marvels "They're eating again!?" And my boys always have dirty fingernails. I bathe them, but it's a temporary fix. Thanks for the grins.

Bananas said...

Totally brilliant. I love it!

cautious1 said...

Love the list - it made me smile thinking of your 2 cuties! BTW, I'm have a Blokus withdrawal....haven't seen the boys in forever. What's up with that?????

P.S. It's really O.K. to cry. I've finally resigned myself to the fact that I have "overactive" tear ducts. :)

Diane said...

That is so lovely. It is perfect.

followthatdog said...

Sounds like all families of little boys are similar. I can't belive how much my two little men can eat. They're going to put me in the poorhouse.