Thursday, August 14, 2008

box top bonanza!!

As the last few weeks of summer quickly dwindle away, I am reminded to start organizing my mass accumulation of Box Tops. Typically I use the very high tech filing system of tossing them into the spice cupboard. Don't worry, I get even more high tech when I organize - I stuff them into a ziplock baggie!! Oh yes, I am high tech all the way. Thankfully Drake is the only one who takes Box Tops to school. I have heard funny horror stories from friends abut their kids fighting over them because the class with the most doesn't have to run the mile for the whole semester. Why didn't I go to that school?? Guess I have a few more years of peace before that fight breaks out!

In all truth, I love the idea of Box Tops. School are often short funded and the first classes to feel the pinch are the non-academic based classes like music, art and gym. I also like the fact that Drake's school gives a complete list to parents of what they used their Box Top money for. Last year the school got a ginormous amount of new gym equipment. Drake was stoked! He would go on and on about all the new games they got to play in gym and that he wished he had gym everyday. (of course you do sweetheart)

But what many parents don't know is that there is an online marketplace that can earn their school even more Box Top money! All the stores that you regularly shop are on there - Kohls, Barnes & Noble, Lands End, Target (oh yes, Target!!), Shutterfly and even Home Depot. I am guilty too. I often forget about this fabulous online resource. It also has an activity link, a recipe site and a family matters section to help your child succeed at home. So when I was looking to order the new book that everyone is talking about I remembered that I could buy it online through the marketplace. Let me tell you, it was glorious!! Going to the book store with two small boys is stressful to say the least. The three year old goes running one way, the eight year old in another and I am still trying to find the "please God don't let me kill my children" section. So after all the minions were tucked away in their beds, I went shopping online. To top it off, I got free shipping and didn't have to deal with traffic and car seats. Score!

By the way, I did finally found the "please God don't let me kill my children" section online and ordered this book. Hope it works! Oh, and I also had to buy this because, well, the title makes me laugh every time!!

What are you going to buy at the marketplace?

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