Sunday, November 23, 2008

weekend wrap up or coffee clutching

Well it was another fantastic weekend in this lassie's abode. If you don't note the dripping sarcasm then at least take notice of my dripping nose. Yep, the lassie has been infected. It was only a matter of time since the boys were sick last weekend. Needless to say it was relaxing and I got to take a long and glorious nap on Saturday. I also got some news that one of my bloggy friends, Ann, from Ann Again, has traveled to the Chicago area and I am excited at the possible chance to meet her. Keep your fingers crossed and I will keep you posted!

In soccer, it was another glorious soccer Sunday. Our team won our game and I have to take this moment to bask in the glory of my utterly amazing goal from midfield. It was beautiful, went through two defenders and past the goalie to the distant corner of the net. If it were basketball you would have heard the 'swoosh' of glory. I guess I should also admit that I got a wee bit snarky during the game too. I had one of the opposing player tell me I was playing 'too close' to her. Ummm, last I checked soccer is a contact sport and if I want to get the ball I have to get close to it and thus... you. Well, the next time she came towards me with the ball I held my arms out nice and wide in an attempt to give her space and let her run by me with no effort. (By the way, my coach didn't like that too much) When I asked her if she had enough room I got the evil eye so I quickly ran and got the ball away from her. I know, not nice or sportsman like, but I do not have a high tolerance for whining. Nor did I feel bad when we pummeled them into the ground *ahem*

Since I was not feeling up to par this weekend I decided to peruse my referring URLs. Some of the things that lead people to my blog are utterly shocking! I discovered that someone googled "Irish girls that talk dirty" and my blog came up! So for that person I will now take this opportunity to give you what you were looking for, "Smelly socks, crusty dishes, grass stains and the dirty nails of the two nasty boys that live in my house." Hope that gives you your dirty fix for a while.

Colleen tagged me for "Seven Facts About Me Meme" so here it goes!
1. I love the ocean and hope to live by it VERY soon. The smell of salt water calms me to my core.
2. I used to downhill slalom race but quit once I had Drake. I think I am too overly cautious to try it again.
3. I have a strong desire to live overseas.
4. I believe there is nothing better then a hand written note - if it is mailed it is even better!!
5. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
6. I made Shepperd's Pie this weekend and hubby all but licked the pan. Ali gave me the recipe but you can find another version of it here! Highly recommend it and was also very kid friendly - YUM!!

7. I have many OCD tendencies that drive hubby insane others he has learned to tolerate, or at least he lets me think he does!


Don Mills Diva said...

I love checking out the search terms that lead readers to my blog - some of them are hilarious!

Blarney said...

Sorry to hear you are sick ~ I'm on week 2 of jerm warfare. Grrrr. Hope all is well despite the sniffles and recent snowfall.

kel said...

I swear, everyone is sick this week!! crazy weird

Putz said...

do you know why i came on your was the potatoe famine, the blarneystone and here you don't even live in ireland, some place like messcogee or somepin like that

~Barb~ said...

I love living by the water, especially the ocean/sea...and I would love to live overseas, too. Ahhhh, to dream, huh?
Peace & Love,

Ali said...

I'm looking for another reason to fix that dang shepherds pie-yum o indeed! Feel better soon:)

Jes said...

hope you are feeling better. If not at least cough on one yucky kid with the hopes he/she too will be sick and stay home :)

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Ooh, baby, talk dirty to me! Say "skid marks"! Say "skid marks"!!!

Thanks for playing along with the meme! Amazing that some of these things didn't come up during our 16 hrs in the car together! ;-)