Tuesday, November 04, 2008

mandate for change

This is courtesy of an old friend of mine. Thought it was a good day to post it.

So here we are. Nearly 2 years into the most exciting presidential campaign of our time... The most important... Historic... A Turning Point... Years ago I read a book by Fritjof Capra (better known for the Tao of Physics) called The Turning Point. The basic premise of this "essay" is that we as a society and a people are a system that is interconnected in such a way that we cannot live simply as part of the whole, but as the sum of its parts. Humans cannot exist independently as they once did in order to move foreword - to progress. That one moment can represent a turning point in which we may overcome our isolated states and move on... Turning Points can be a series of moments or a process or a person. We are at one of those points. We are witness to the beginning of a new time, however small. That day is tomorrow (and today to some of you). We will participate in the largest political changes in a generation when we get up tomorrow and slog to our polling places in rain and snow, hot or cold. We will have this chance to create a turning point when we elect Barack Obama. Obama is that one person who will put our country right. He is that one person who has risen above and like no politician we have ever seen. He has been described by progressives and conservatives alike as transformational, transcendent, the man of our age, and inspirational. He is the visionary, the storyteller, and collective personality that is neither democrat or republican, green or libertarian, right or left. He looks at the world where human rights are paramount, spreading opportunity is a responsibility, and compassion is patriotic.. He understands the issues, exudes intelligence, and maintains his cool. He is attacked as a terrorist, Muslim, anti-American, communist, yet swats away the ignorance with ease. Oh, don't get me wrong he is fallible and makes it known to us repeatedly. He has warned us from the beginning that this will be a difficult journey. And he is right. We all knew that BushCo and their neo-conservative surrogates would not go down without a fight. This has been a ground war. And tomorrow we fight the bloodiest of all.

This is our chance; our opportunity to lead the world once again to change for the better. To become respected again. To show our friends and enemies that Americans will take the high road and elevate compassion and equality for all above retribution, revenge, and hate. To show that our democracy will persevere. That we will strive for the more perfect union. And what makes Obama so remarkable? He is way ahead in his thinking - he is not a Democrat or Republican, a liberal or conservative. He wants to talk to Republicans, not just ignore them. C'mon, he is only person (in a very long time) who has come forward to ask Americans to sacrifice for their country in this time of need. This is the simplest most patriotic request that defines a leader to his core. How can we not admire this?

A couple of weeks ago, I was calling Nevada for the Obama campaign here in California. While I got my share of hatred and rudeness, I was surprised to hear how many folks out there want would I want regardless of their political persuasion. And that they "get it" and are sick and tired of the partisanship and divide and how the far right-wing actions of the past 8 years has done lasting damage. One phone call stands out - a Republican gentleman named Roger from Sparks, a town outside Reno. He was combative at first saying he did not want to hear from liberals and I was ready to give up, when I asked him to tell me what type of President he really wanted. And, this part is what really has made the Obama campaign so much different from them past Democratic campaigns. We were to work through the political walls, because this is not about the Democratic Party, nor who's right or wrong, but what is the best we can do and why everyone matters. Roger wanted a leader who is strong, smart, and thought strategically. A leader that did what he could to help as many folks as possible and not pander to get elected. One who thinks of every possible option, but would act when we could not afford to wait. And finally, he wanted a leader to get it done and get Congress to stop stalling. (Mind you, his emotions were rising as he went on). When he ended, I said nothing, but thanked him for talking to me. I was about tell him to get out a vote early and end the call, when he said, "That's why I will vote for Obama." And it floored me.

That is Barack Obama. And that is why tomorrow is a turning point. Now is our time. We will take that step to move in the right direction. Eight years ago when I started this newsletter, I asked you all to be the change even in the face of the most backward step in American political history. We have endured and waited, fought and protested, and now that change is in our grasp. Let's take it.

...the.antiMandate.....be the change...
"Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold." Bob Marley

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