Thursday, November 20, 2008

sharin' some bloggy love

I have been seriously slacking. The loverly Diane from The Mommy Diaries nominated me for the Butterfly Award and I have yet to reciprocate. I received this award during one of my "bad" moments last week. I was so shocked and overwhelmed that I almost cried. Sad and pathetic I know, but like I said I was having one doosey of a week. According to all the hoopla and fanfare I am supposed to share the love with seven other blogs. Here are my nominees!

1. The Blarney Spot because she gets me and even though she was oh so close the other weekend we could have had coffee, but I am not holding a grudge, I know one day our green paths will cross.

2. Putz because he can twist anything I say into a story of his own AND he was the honorary invisible  diva on my road trip to BlissDom 08 in Nashville.

3. Ali because she is super cool and can always make me smile!

4. Ann because I secretly (and openly) heart her. have I mentioned I wish she didn't live so far away? I think we were separated at birth... just a thought!

5. Cheryl because she is hot, sassy and blonde AND her daily breakfast make me envious!!

6. Spice a fellow sexy soccer diva extraordinaire and dwindling down to nothing. Congrats!

7. Kaza - My fellow wine lover and lover (most days) of our three year old heathens  angels.

So there you have it. Now go forth and share the love!! Oh, and be sure to check out all the fabulous bloggers I just nominated because, well the lassie said so! You will be glad you did.


Blarney said...

Awww! .... now my eyes aren't just watering cuz my sinuses are full of snot!

Putz said...

u think you have a problem blarney....i kissied the blarney stone in ireland and now i have to live up with it by making all kat's blogs creations

Ali said...

No, YOU'RE super cool! Thank you and congratulations on your award, too!

Barb - aka Craft Junkie said...

How awesome! It always makes ya feel good to get recognition from our fellow bloggers, huh? You deserve it, you're a doll!
Peace & Love,

Ann said...

Hey you!!!
Being so-o-o sweet to me!!!
Yep, I'm teary about this. I can't help it. You are a precious "Stranger/Friend" and I would love to give you a hug and talk over drinks right now.
(Let's call Blarney over too!)
You're a sista' from another motha'. :->

Kaza said...

Thank you SOOO much Kitty Kat Kat! You are a true bloggy friend, faithful in spite of my inability to be much of a blogger or blog friend lately (work, illness, preschooler... they're all trying to kill me!). I heart you!

Spice said...

Aw, thanks for the award!!!! I'll put it up as soon as I get a chance!!! TGIF!!!! :)