Thursday, November 06, 2008


GoBloMeMoFo 2008 

Hey you!! Yeah... you! See this cute little bunny? You better offer to post or the bunny gets offed. Yeah, that's right. The bunny gets it right in middle of the eyes. As part of NaBloPoMo, Megan is once again hosting GoBloMeMoFo. It gives bloggers the opportunity to guest post on other blogs to help fellow bloggers reach their full NaBloPoMo potential. I mean, come one, let's be honest, who can really write one post everyday for a WHOLE month. I am honest enough to say that this lassie lacks daily commitment. I also know that I had a lot of guest posters a few weekes ago, BUT, if you feel the need to share a post, either new or old, let me know because I am a strong supporter of GoBloMeMoFo. So offer to post for your favorite blogger, ask someone if you can offer a hand, SHARE the blog love. And of course, save the bunny!


Ann said...

All right!!!!
All right!!!
For the sake of that poor bunny!
I will share my silly words, if you need them.
(Oh the humanity!)
What can I do for this great cause?

Craft Junkie said...

I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read: GoBloMeMoFo. Too funny! Geez, I can't find time to write in my own blog, how can I write in anyone elses? lol But, for you, I will...let me know if ya need me.

TexasRed said...

I'd love to guest post -- although I'm new to this whole blogging world :)

Putz said...

i have so much to say that i can blog twice a day{60 blogs per month 700 per year, 7000 in ten years] AND STILL am fresh and sassy and spunky...what is your problem KAT/////??????

Velveteen Mind Megan said...

GoBloMeMoFo is my favorite time of year at Velveteen Mind. It's the one time I can say, "Look, I'm a real, consistent blogger!... Wha? Pay no attention to the fact that I didn't write any of these posts..."

Isn't the button this year hilarious! Mrs. Fussypants made that for me. Love it!


Cheryl said...

I am always willing to guest post if someone needs a post written by a sarcastic, over-stressed Mom who some days isn't sure she's from this planet. I blog day and night and save some for days when I actually have to do something else, like if someone needs one so they can get their goblomemofo on, let me know