Sunday, November 16, 2008

the lassie IS alive!

Yes, yes. I am alive AND I am posting on a Sunday again. What is up with me?? Well, I have officially flunked National Blogging Month. The pressure was just too intense I tell you and I cracked. This week definitely threw me for a loop and by Friday I was burnt like nobody's business.

Tuesday night I discovered I had not one but TWO flat tires. (damn Chicago construction) Luckily, since these have become a regular occurrence, Hubby decided to get the warranty insurance the last time he had to get me tires. When he called to get my two new, and supposedly free tires, they claimed to not have any in stock. (ironic) They did however have the next level up but of course, we would have to pay for those and because they weren't the same type, buy four. THAT didn't fly with hubby and after many phone calls, he got me the tires I needed. Oh how I heart him!! (BTW, I plan on elaborating on this whole ordeal a bit more in a later post)

Work had been beyond crazy and our tech department had the nerve to block the ability to read blogs while at work!! How am I supposed to keep up with all my peeps?? grrrrrr So I have been trying to read everyone at night but have been seriously slacking in the comment section. Don't worry! I am reading just not commenting - sorry!

To top it off Grady is sick. Nothing like waking up on a Friday night to the lovely sounds of puking! I thought about posting something for Photo Hunt since the theme was "ruined" but opted against the idea of ruined sheets. Letters of thanks can be sent to the email in my sidebar! lol

Finally, I have also been in the process of a little nip/ tuck and facelift. It's my birthday and I decided to get a little work done. Oh wait!! I guess I should mention my blog will be getting the facelift not me. No scary Joan Rivers for this lassie! I like my face just the way it is. I am working with the ultra fabulous Karla at Fruition Designs to create the new and improved look. AND great news for you!! When I unveil my new look YOU get all the perks! I am planning a week or two of giveaways just for this occasion. I have some great goodies and swag to celebrate!! 

Stay tuned. I am still here! I promise to try and make more of an effort to post. So please bare with me while I try and sort all the craziness and chaos that is my life out. I promise.... it will be worth the wait!


kel said...

Sounds like a crappy week, but glad you're blogging! Hope this week is better.

Ann said...

Yeah!!! You're here!
I'm SO SORRY I let you down by not contributing. It's weird how much things change, mental change included, when hubby isn't around.
I forgot that you are in Chicago! That's where Rob has been for the last 2 weeks.
(His grandmother passed away last week and his uncle, more like a big brother, is soon to follow. It's just so sad and Rob is exhausted. He might fly home today. There's only so much he can do, right?)
Well, I'm VERY excited to see your new blog's face lift! I'll live vicariously through you ;->

Jes said...

You are lucky that it is not YOU getting a nip and tuck. i was going to be mad for I thought we were going to look into a buy one get one half off deal :)

cautious1 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry I didn't call you! I was in Green Bay for the Packer game and just got home! Hope you had a great 30th b-day! :)

Lisa said...

Am catching up on your blog. LOVE your hair from a previous post. Love the color and cut.

That sucks about the tires. They always find some way around it. But glad your hubby was able to "sweet talk" them into you guys getting the tires you needed.

Putz said...

ya, i tried to give my blog a face lift and add stuff to blogs already in and to my side bar menuu and it all backfired...people don't go back and read stuff over agsain even if it has been redone like a bedroom or living room, so i took rhymes advice and went back to my old format, and i am so glad you are not getting a real face lift, you are so cute and i don't want you to ruin anything

Kaza said...

I love the "ruined" photo idea, and love even more that you didn't do it. I would have lost my lunch. Although I haven't eaten lunch yet, so it would have been just sugary coffee.

You scared me on the face lift thing! Glad it's the blog and not your gorgeous mug.