Thursday, January 24, 2008

you may know her

Her name is Angry Angie and she has taken over my mental state. She came to visit Friday night after a belated company Christmas dinner party in Chicago. The dinner was very nice, it was the return home that sparked Angie's fury. Consider it a series of unfortunate events. The sitter that was being paid to watch the children obviously missed the portion of her contract that stated she actually had to "watch" the children. I walked in to a house filled with snow. No, not the outside snow that would easily melt and dry, oh no. This was the snow made by the hands of a two year old wielding scissors that he should NOT have acquired. Grady loves to make snow/ confetti with scissors, but I often try and limit this to a minimum since clean up is treacherous and very time consuming. Well, said babysitter was yakking away in the other room when Grady found the scissors and went to work. I should mention that he also tried to cut Drake's hair as well as the fur of one of the slow and stupid cats. Drake's screams did not seem to spark alarm to the sitter as she was well engrossed in the politics of high school drama and such. Shocking. She also failed to notice that the same two year old, deciding he was quite thirsty after such escapades, decided to pour himself a glass of red Kool-Aid. Ah yes, he is quite skilled and independent this two year old of mine. He even thought he could handle an open cup.... but alas, he was wrong. I know he was wrong because I now have a nice red blotch on my cream carpet in the family room. Now you are probably saying, "She didn't attempt to hide her inaccuracies by cleaning up?" No. no. That would require a bit of work and effort. No, she left the mess for us. What makes it even worse is that my husband A) paid her and B) paid her more then normal because he did not have smaller bills. I have struggled to let those last two points go and have brought them up often over the past few days. That Angie, she brings out the worst in you. He keeps reminding me that the boys are safe but do you realize the possibilities they could have encountered? My co-workers son climbed out of his playpen, snagged her tweezers, rammed them into the electrical outlet and shorted out their whole house....all in the five minutes she hopped in the shower!!! This is the reason I have not been blogging. My mind is filled with thoughts, none of which are nice, and I don't want to spew anger on my blog. Oooops! I guess I just did!


jes said...

Oh my! i have missed the blogs, but totally understand why. perhaps it is time to get a new sitter?

JCR said...

Oh no, that's terrible! Glad the boys are OK, though. Was this a new girl?? I so feel your pain!! I've gone through three teen girls who didn't work out. Two went down the path of teenage drama (like yours) and one looked at porn on our computers. So now my current sitters are all older than I am! :)

Kristin said...

oh my god, i am cancelling that teenage babysitter from down the street tonight and calling my MSW social worker friend who charges $10 per hour, but she is 32 responsible. I can't believe you aren't using profanity. I think i would have called her mother.