Tuesday, January 08, 2008

the good, the bad, the ugly

The Good - Grady has decided he wants to start potty training. He has been asking for pull-ups for a few weeks now and has been insisting on wearing his swimmies from the summer instead of diapers. I was able to convince him to wear them over his diaper at bedtime but this tactic was wearing thin. On a monthly voyage to Target I opted for the pull-ups instead of the diapers. It pained me to pay the same price for less then half of the diapers you would normally get, but I guess that is the price of success. We introduced the pull-ups this weekend and he was in LOVE!! Just trying to get them off of him was a nightmare. trying to rationalize that there is no reason you should be potty trained at night at 2 and a half and it is Ok to wear a diaper at night time did not bode well. Again I opted for the pull up over the diaper. It seems to be working for now. He stayed in the same pull-up all day yesterday with no accidents!! It was such a glorious day! I am hoping he is still excited as I would love to move on to big boy undies and stash that diaper money in my get-a-way fund. ha ha

The Bad - Do I even need to say? They did it to themselves. I knew within the first minutes of the game, when they scored on the kick off return, that it was all over. It was a complete de ja vu of last years championship game - they scored right away and then forgot to play the rest of the game. They were victims to their own problems. I mean really - could you have anymore personal fouls?? They set LSU up for victory. I could rant and rant but I will withhold for now.

The Ugly - This is how I would describe Grady's face after planting it into the corner of my night stand this morning while wrestling with his brother. (I was in the shower having woke up a half an hour before we were all supposed to leave for school this morning) I hear the blood curdling scream and see Grady run into the bathroom with blood everywhere. Not only did he have a bloody nose but a bloody upper AND lower lip. He wouldn't let me try and stop the bleeding with my sopping wet body and bath towel so the blood spattering in my bedroom looks like a horror film took place there. I am dreading going home and trying to clean it up. Thankfully I replenished my Resolve Carpet Spray supply when I went to Target and got the pull-ups! No time this morning to take a picture but take my word for it, it was not pretty!!


jes said...

Poor baby Grady. At least it did not need an ER run too. So jealous of the potty success!!!!

The Grocer said...

Hey when their ready their ready. We went from a sitting start to going through the night without nappy in seven days with only ever one accident at 2 years 2 months.

Kristin said...

hey - something has to be done about the big 10.

JCR said...

I hope Grady is OK! Poor guy.

Sorry about the game. We had it on here, too, and I was rooting for you.