Wednesday, January 09, 2008

ramblings of a seven year old

I feel the need to preface the following conversation with a little background info. We, as a family unit, are vocally challenged. I love to sing and do so in my car and house but refrain from inflicting tonal harm to others while in a public setting. You will never see me karaoke, no matter how many beverages I have consumed. Along with being vocally challenged, Drake also has a beat/ rhythm deficiency. Now I am hoping he acquires this skill later in life but so far the outlook is dismal. Two weeks ago in church we were singing a song that everyone was clapping to. Drake clapped off beat the entire song! he was clueless to his lack of beat and had everyone around us, including myself, laughing to tears. With that said - here is the conversation we had in the car last night while listening to the radio.

Drake: Mom!! I sound JUST like the guy singing this song.
Me: Oh yeah, I can hear that.
D: Yeah, it's a talent. I hear a song and at first I don't know the words so I hum but then I really listen to it and I know the words.
M: Wow, that's really good.
D: Yeah I know. It's a gift. It's a special gift Gad gave me to make me unique and special. Not many people can sound just like the person singing you know.
M: No... no they can't.

I was nice enough to not point out that at times his off pitch voice makes me, and all those within a two mile radius, cringe. I was also nice enough to stifle the welling laughter and wipe away the tears before he saw them!


The Grocer said...

Oh how I empathise, I too was a budding talent, in front of the mirror I had no equals. It wasn't until I auditioned as the singer for a band at the age of 15 that it finally dawned on me that I was Tone Deaf. I skulked away to lick my wounds although they are still not fully healed 27 years later.

jes said...

It amazes me how kids think they are so good at something. bridget does the same things with just about everything. I am luck however for she can actually sing and does it often.

Vikki said... have that confidence again!

JCR said...

Awww. I hope he is always so confident!