Monday, January 07, 2008

it's game time!!!

The count down has officially begun. It is now only hours until game time. I am so excited to watch this game that I am contemplating putting the boys down extra early so I can enjoy the pre-game show as well. Drake has shown quite the interest in watching the game so I may let him stay up a bit if he follows the "official game" bylaws. There are too many to list and if I did you would definitely think I was a wack job! A girl's gotta have rituals :) One of which is attire.
I already have on my buckeye necklace which ironically Grady keeps trying to confiscate. I tried to let him wear it but he kept insisting on trying to eat it. Sigh.... what is a buckeye girl to do?! So I have now safely placed it out of reach until he is asleep. I am hoping for a better game then last year, yes I do still remember how they were throttled by Florida. And when I finally get the horrific image out of my head my kind and gentle Florida loving neighbor is more then willing to remind me.... damn him!! Off to start the pre-game rituals. OH......IO!!!

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jes said...

Good Luck!