Friday, January 11, 2008

say it isn't so

Drake left for school this morning with his first loose tooth hanging by a thread. He could have easily pulled it out but I knew he wanted it to fall out at school. And who could blame him? He is, or shall I say was, the only kid in his class that had never lost a tooth. Well, the tooth did eventually come out. He chose snack time as "the big moment". He was so excited to tell me how everyone gathered around and wanted to look at his tooth. Then he got a special sticker from his teacher and got to go to the nurse too. Then came the tears.... lots and lots of them. He then proceeded to sob out how he had put his tooth in a little treasure box and carefully placed it in his lunch box. (you see where this is going don't you?) During a rousing lunch with friends he forgot the special box was in there and dumped the contents of his lunch box into the garbage can. THEN, he remembered what valuable contents he had just purged. He went frantically searching for an aid who directed him to the janitor. This man better hope I never run into him on a dark and narrow street. He would not dig through to try and find the little blue treasure box. "There is too much garbage in there, I would never find it." Guess that is why he gets paid $5.00 and be a prick to little kids. I work in a school and have seen our janitors dump out garbage looking for retainers, ice cream money, etc so I know it can be done without the world coming to an end. This selfish man chose to be a (pick a word). So Drake come home without a tooth and fears that the tooth fairy would never visit him. I suggested that she already knew he lost his tooth and that if he wrote a letter I am sure she would still come and visit him. He asked if she would go through the garbage for his tooth. I replied with the always popular, "Well honey I am not quite sure. Maybe". This calmed him though the tears did reappear as bedtime approached. Be on the lookout for the grand unveiling of his toothless smile!!


jes said...

I sure hope the tooth fairy gave him something extra special for all his pain and suffering. Congrats to the toothless wonder!

JCR said...

That is so awful that the janitor wouldn't help him! What a jerk. I agree with Jes and hope the Tooth Fairy was extra generous. :)