Friday, December 12, 2008

better late then never - giveaway day pente

Alright - today is the last and final day of Giveaway Palooza! Woo hoo!! Hope you all have been having as much fun as I have. I am so looking forward to picking all my winners next week!

For day five I am offering yet another fabulous 'techy' prize. Today you will have the chance to win Jabra A7010 Bluetooth Hub. Oooooo! Aaaaaaaah! I told you it was fabulous didn't I?? This handy hub is compatible with most standard corded desk phones and sets up in a snap. What better way to stay connected to your office phone without being plugged in!? Along with offereing you wireless freedom on your office or cell phone it also comes with features galore!! Here are some quick info facts:

 ** Go wireless on desk & cell phones
 ** Up to 33-foot wireless range
 ** Wide phone compatibility
 ** Easy set-up
 ** Supports MultiPoint™ technology
 ** Exceptional sound quality

This Bluetooth hub connects any Jabra Multiuse headset to your desk phone or Bluetooth mobile phone and is also compatible with most standard corded desk phones. Who wouldn't want this?? Come on... you know YOU do!!  So leave a comment, with your email, and you will be entered. It couldn't get any easier!! I will announce the winner next Friday. I will also be unveiling my new look next week so be sure to stop by to catch a glimpse of an all new lassie!!


kel said...

cool count me in ,lassie!

Marigold said...

I'd love to be included in this fabulous giveaway!

Malaika said...

Th├ít´s one sexy looking hub, count me in too!

Valerie said...

I think that would be great to use with my blackberry

cautious1 said...

I'd love to win this if only I knew what it was! You know I'm still living in the dark ages.....perhaps if I win this, I will just be one step closer to life as we know it in the 21st century! :)

Anonymous said...

wow you have greay giveaway there neat
pleases add my name thank you

motherbumper said...

You are the queen of the giveaways! Holymoly - but alas I am a Canadian so I can just drool over your offers (*pouts*). OK, I'm over it ;)

cdziuba said...

I'd love to win!

Shel said...

Am I officially a geek if I'm drooling over this?

nape said...

A Bluetooth hub sounds so nifti-fi-cated. I'd be a hero to my techie son if I gave him this for Christmas.

Another YAY giveaway!