Tuesday, April 17, 2007


For lack of a better term and to use one of the oldest clichés around, where has the time gone? I am now in the midst of April and have sadly neglected my blog. Not that anyone is desperately waiting for my life events, it was something I wanted to try and keep up on. So I will try again. I have contemplated summarizing the past three months but decided that perhaps, absence may just be a good thing. April and June are birthday months in our house/ family so I have already had my fill of cake and sweets. Ok, maybe there IS always room for something sweet but I do have to be swimsuit ready by next Wednesday. That's right, girls trip!! I will be voyaging off to Palm Beach to bask in the sun and plant my bottom in the sand. And well, I just may partake in a few beverages and the guilty pleasure of sleeping beyond 6 am. Though the thought of my stark white body in a suit is enough to traumatize even the smallest of children......maybe I can get some fake bakes in before then. Until next time.

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